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-- Special Report --
-- Special Report -- databases reported that
October 5th is the most popular birth date.

October 5th is a busy day for the stork!

A recent in depth database query conducted by suggests that October 5th is the United States most popular birth date. It seems that on average more people are born on this day than any other.

According to the inquiry, an average of 12,576 people are born each year on the 5th of October. It also suggests that some 968,000 Americans celebrate this day annually.

What makes this early October birth date so fashionable? October 5th holds a not-so-suprising significance, as conception would have fallen right on New Years Eve.

Which birth date is the least common? May 22nd with an average of 10,259 persons born each year. & Oct.5 story on NBC

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Birth Date Popularity Chart

This chart graphs the birth rate based on the day and month. The yellow graduation on the top represents the birthdate where the green respresents the conception date.

Birth Date Popularity Chart shows Oct. 5th as the most popular birthday. 11th Year Anniversary - Est. 1999 was first established in 1999 as an easy way to lookup and be reminded of the birth dates of people that are important in your life via a database of over 135,000,000 birth records. While anniversary gifts would be nice on this 11th year anniversary, we really just wanted to take this opportunity to remember the way it was, but alas, as with all good things, bigger and better do come along! Thats why we are now an affiliate with, with over 1,000,000,000 records online!

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